Microsoft Still Rules The Desktop World, Survey Reveals

Various studies and surveys, both official and unofficial have revealed that Microsoft is still the king of the desktop world, with some statistics pointing to a 91% share on PCs.

In fact, almost all of them reveal a market share either touching, or higher than 90%.

And this rarely changes.

But even though Redmond is hoping for a change in fortunes regarding the versions of Windows that are powering computers the world over, the company only has 5 year to upgrade Windows 7 users to the latest version of the platform, Windows 10.

Important, as these constitute the largest user base for the platform, with most estimates hinting at Windows 7 powering one in every two PCs, with a market share above 50%.

Usually test statistics are provided by sources like Net Applications and StatCounter, but these providers have different means of collecting their data — meaning it’s rarely an ideal estimate of desktop operating systems landscape.

However, this new survey conducted by VisionMobile involving 13,000developers confirms that Microsoft remains the leader in the desktop space.

And no less than 75% of the PCs out there are either running Windows 7 or a newer version of the operating system. Windows 8 currently powers 16% of the computers, Mac OS X is installed on only 7% of the desktops, while the figures for Linux come in at 2%.

Windows 10 is not included in these statistics, obviously the new OS being new and all that.

Support for Windows 7 is due to come to an end in 2020, but hopefully this is time enough for Microsoft to move most of the user base to the latest version of Windows.


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